Saturday, 3 December 2011

Memories of Healing

This is a simple thread that anyone can use to share their memories on. Please post them at the bottom, so we can collect as much information as we can. It can be any length, about anything to do with Healing.


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  1. I have received this via email from Mr Bill Forman:

    Dear James,
    Let me introduce myself. My name is Bill Forman I was born in Cleethorpes and educated at Clee Grammar School as were some boys from Healing, one who has contributed to Rod Collins’s article is Patrick Spaull who now lives in Perth WA. He and I have been friends for many years and on several occasions he and his wife have stayed with us when visiting the UK. On the last occasion we visited Healing church where Patrick was a chorister. The church warden was I think called Mr Wilson who was kind enough to open the church and gave us a conducted tour during which time he told us that that a video tape recording had been made about Healing village. Patrick and I purchased copies and I suspect that the churchwarden will still have some left should you be interested. I passed my copy onto a former colleague and friend, who now resides in Healing, to view, and then copy onto disc. Due to ill health of my friend the tape has not yet been copied. Mr Jack Harrison was also a resident of Healing and played football for Healing Poplars (?) I was talking to him this morning by telephone. I hope that this snippet of info is of some use to you
    Kind Regards


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