Sunday, 4 December 2011

Archaeology: Artefacts Shown at Healing Fete 2011

The highlight of the year for a Healing resident is, undoubtedly, the village fete. Everyone gets together on the Healing Moated Manor site, and the main spectacle this year was the unveiling of the artefacts found on the site in 1995. The Friends of Healing Moated Site has been tracking the artefacts down, and, after languishing in crates in the council's storage, the artefacts were brought out for all to see. Scroll down for some images of what was found:

Above: Medieval pig bone toggle (like a button)

Above: Greenware pottery

Above: Anglo-Saxon pin beater, used to adjust threads whilst weaving.

Above: Rim of a Roman bowl, found near the medical centre.

Above: the spout from a Medieval pot.

Above: Medieval pottery with a green glaze.

Above: The inside of a cooking pot. Below: The outside, which shows evidence of burning.

Above: a piece of Medieval brick. This is evidence of a high-status manor, as brick was expensive. For most people's houses, mud and stud was used.


All photos were taken by E Lingard.

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