Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Who Was... Henry Marrows?

Henry Marrows was a Victorian builder in Healing, who was born in Market Rasen in 1856. On the 28th February 1895, he purchased a plot of land adjacent to the triangular wood (now called Porri’s Wood) for £222.10, on which he built himself a house, called ‘Briarfield’ (now Hazeldene), to the value of no less than £500. Whilst building this house he also built Arden Court for Mr Louis Porri.

Marrows built virtually all of Healing's new houses during the Victorian era.

 In 1913, he built the building which is now used by the fish ‘n’ chip shop, the hairdressers and the Post Office. Marrows also built the Wesleyan Chapel, on Station Road , which seats 200 people, at the cost of £1,400. Throughout his life, Marrows was always interested in church restoration, croquet (he was the then-captain of Healing Croquet Club), and gardening, a passion which he shared with his wife.

Henry married Jane Haith, who is now buried in Healing Churchyard.  Marrows himself died in 1933, and is buried with Jane.

Above: The grave of Henry and Jane, in Healing churchyard.
Below: The stained glass window devoted to Jane. The inscription along the bottom reads: "To the Glory of God. In Memory of Jane the Beloved Wife of Henry Marrows of Healing Who Died 22nd of July 1925"


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