Thursday, 8 December 2011

Archaeology: Excavating Healing Manor

I am greatly indebted to Mr D Stirk, formerly of On-Site Archaeology, for the use of these pictures.

For centuries Healing Manor has been the centre of village life in Healing. A once-grand building, the manor includes ridge & furrow among many other historical delights. In 2007, an archaeological dig took place there, and some of the photos taken are below.

The above picture shows medieval ditches and pits, which are very apparant because of the sandy soil.

Taken near the front of the manor. The unusual curved earthworks below the window is the medieval kitchen garden. Vegetables would have been grown there, and then taken to the kitchen and prepared, before being presented to the lord of the manor. Obviously with some kind of local meat.

A medieval post-hole. A wooden post would have been inserted into the above hole. It would have been responsible for keeping the whole of the medieval building standing.

I hope you find these images interesting,


Visit D Stirk's Flickr page here for more archaeological finds.


  1. I must say, there are some amazing things you have found James!

  2. Hi Ankit,
    It wasn't me who found the above artefacts, it was Mr D Stirk.

  3. Hi James
    I produced a documentary for Seven TV on virginmedia879 in 2007/8 about the history of Healing Manor. It contains a lot of information about the history of the site and the owners, especially the Portmans.
    I'll get you a DVD copy.
    Great site!!


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