Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment in Healing

     With a long and distinguished history of service, in the American Wars of Independence, the Crimean War, and the Napoleonic Wars and more, it is surprising to learn that this famous regiment was once in Healing. But, indeed, according to some photographs from 1914, they were to be found within our village...

Whilst doing research at Grimsby's Reference Library, I came across these pictures tucked away inside a box:

Dated 1914, they show the regiment in Healing. From these, we may hazard a guess as to what they were doing here - the picture below shows a soldier leading a horse from a stable. I believe the regiment was looking for and gathering new recruits and/or horses for the war effort. 

They were also to be found within other local villages, such as Riby. The picture above is captioned as being taken in Pinney's Farm. We may therefore presume that the other pictures were taken in the same location. Below is an image of some of the higher ranks photographed with members of the Pinney household.

As well as this, we have an image taken in a (presumably nearby) field. 

And, for a final image, we have a picture of Lt Slingsby and Cpt Wright.

Lt. Anthony Edward King Slingsby was 26 when he was killed in Marske in July 1914

For more information, please see this post by Rod Collins here.

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