Saturday, 31 March 2012

HVHPP - Old Postcards

Often associated with beach holidays, postcards were invented as a speedy way of keeping in touch, and were the email of the pre-electronic age. Between 1905 and 1915, roughly 2 million postcard were sent per day, so it's not surprising that Healing had it's own range.
The selection of Healing postcards below are now located in the 'History of Healing' cabinet in the church  hall, which contains most of the material used in the book 'From Heghelinge to Healing'. The postcards have no date, so I can only estimate when they were made.  My estimate would be around 1950, however, some are earlier.

Above: Healing cenotaph. Note the picket-fence behind.
Below: 3 postcards of the church. The bottom is by Jackson & Son of Grimsby, and was probably made in 1922. 

Below: Ford's Avenue
Above: An older postcard of Healing, again made by Jackson & Son. This postcard is multi-view, showing The Avenue, Station Road and Ford's Avenue.
Below: Oak Road, from a different angle.
Above: Station Road. Note the men wearing suits, and the front of the car. These imply that the postcard is older than the others.
Below: The entrance to the secondary school.
Above: Station Road. Note the car.
Below: The Avenue.
Below: Another Jacksons & Sons, this time simply entitled 'The Village'. Any suggestions as to where this was taken are eagerly sought. 



  1. Hi James
    I've got an old photo postcard of Healing taken in 1908 of The Avenue. Have a few others too. I'm always looking out for them on ebay!
    Will scan what I have so you can share with everyone.
    Emma Lingard

  2. Hi Emma,
    Thanks for the comment - I've heard of the 1908 postcard, yet never found a copy, so that would be great. There's a 1905 painted postcard of the church, which I'm always looking out for.
    Thanks once again,


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