Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Healing Cenotaph

Like most villages, Healing has a war memorial. A large stone pillar bearing a cross and adorned with wreaths and poppies, the cenotaph guards the entrance to The Avenue.
Each year, on Remembrance Sunday, the residents of Healing gather round to pay their respects to Healing's fallen men.
At this time of year, the cenotaph looks at its best. Remembrance Sunday has renewed the poppies and the memories. 
The men of Healing have fallen in both world wars. For the First World War, the list of names is as follows:

"Fred Garrott (?), 6th Lincs.
Arthur Chapman, Civil Service Rifles.
William Cockett, 1/5th Lincs.
John Epton, 94th Battalion M.G.C. (?).
Bateman Fowler, N.M.B, R.F.A.
Albert E. Lammin, 8th Suffolk Cyclists.
Ernest Nightingale, N.M.B, R.F.A.
Charles S. Pinney, 44 Battalion A.I.F.
Joseph Pinney, 3rd Lincs.
Harry Rudkin, 10th Lincs.
Charles Waller, Middlesex Regiment."

Of course, the centotaph remembers the casualties from both world wars. The list for the Second World War is as follows:

"Thomas H. Cox, R.A.F.V.R.
Joseph Gathergood, R.N.
Neville S. Peers, R.C.S.
Leslie Pycock, Beds and Herts."

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