Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Street Names of Healing

This list is far from complete, so if you have any suggestions please do comment.

The Avenue: Named so because it is the main road through the village.
Station Road: Formerly Occupation Road. Leads to the train station.
Oak Road: There is a large oak tree at one end.

Great Coates Road: Leads to Great Coates.
Stallingborough Road: Leads to Stallingborough.
Westwood Road: There used to be a woodland next to here, thus it is west (of) wood.
Wells Road: Leads to the famous Healing Wells.
Ivy Farm Court: Ivy Farm was once located here. Houses built some time in the 1990's I think.
Pinney's Court: The name of the Healing family who owned Ivy Farm.

Ford's Avenue: unsure
Radcliffe Road: unsure
Rookery Road: the Rookery was once located along here.
Aylesby Lane: the track that leads to Aylesby.
Carr Lane: Carrs are marshlands, however I haven't seen any evidence of carrs in that area.

Note: I have not included recent housing estates (e.g. Wisteria Drive), with the exception of Ivy Farm Court, because they are named after flowers or trees and may not have anything to do with Healing's history.


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